January 27, 2024

Over the years I have collected demos and drafts from friends in my music library. Demos often come without artwork. To remember not only the music but also the people, I save these files with their portraits or images that I associate with these kindred spirits. I like the idea of intersecting the metaphorical understanding that a music library is a collection of experiences and memories with the literal act of remembering by looking at photographs. It is also really cute to have a picture of your old friends on a CDJ when you play their music…

To my friends out there – this is a reminder to send me your music. I would love to hear it! 🌀

The photos I used for Randweg (1), Olle (2) and Isak (5) are from Ana Tabatadze’s tumblr blog, which is unfortunately no longer accessible. (allesistverbunden.tumblr.com)

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