log_2023_12_21 (A Guide For Extended Dreaming (Mix))
December 21, 2023

Hello kindred spirits! Let’s celebrate the longest night of the year with this special mix of electroacoustic drones and soundscapes. Inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ practice of Deep Listening, you are invited to perform the following instructions:
Find a quiet and comfortable place to lie down.
Close your eyes, let go of your thoughts, and focus on the tiny sounds that tickle your ears. Connect with them, stay with them, and explore the boundaries of perception.

This mix contains mostly unreleased recordings from my personal archive and some moments from the tape “Music For Theater”, which I released on @kontrapunktsound .

All tracks are written, recorded and produced by Adel Akram Alameddine

log_2023_12_13 // Berlin 2013-2023
December 13, 2023

I moved to Berlin in 2013 and recently had a moment of 10 years reminiscence while going through the digital archives on my hard drive. Dancefloors, BPM and diversity have changed over the years – the latter mostly for the better! My haircut though – still the same! Music and working in clubs has always been a way for me to connect with amazing people and experiences. In the last few years my ears have been pretty busy with different responsibilities, but slowly I am enjoying music again like I did before the pandemic.

For those who are interested, I have uploaded a few DJ sets and mixes from a time before I put my records in boxes. I look forward to unpacking and rediscovering them in the coming months…
Expect some hidden gems, some nostalgic memories and a bit of Robert Ashley in there.
The playlist contains recordings from my glorious DJ days, a love mix, a demo I submitted to Herrensauna and recordings from Nachtdigital Festival.
Most mixes come with track lists, for those who don’t: drop me a line if you have any questions or are curious about certain track IDs!

log_2023_10_03 Eurorack Console
October 3, 2023

Eurorack modular synthesizers became my instrument of choice 10 years ago. During this time I have used Doepfer cases, a portable Sub:Modular Shadow case and a Make Noise Skiff for the road. While the Doepfer cases gave me clean power for my analogue filters and oscillators, their vertical orientation was not my preferred way of playing the instrument. Over the years, I have found that the way I set up my portable cases is the way I like to perform movements, but the power provided caused humming and module malfunctions. Norwegian console maker Tore Seem‘s design and Sam Barker’s tutorial on building a custom console inspired me to build one myself for my studio.

It has two isolated power inputs – one for my analogue modules, powered by Doepfer’s linear PSU2, and it’s successor PSU3 for the digital modules. It has 168hp rails from Gietec, laser cut aluminium sides and I cut the plywood myself. If you have any questions about this build, feel free to get in touch.

log_2023_03_23 REVOLUTION
March 23, 2023

Tonight is the premiere of Viktor Martinowitsch’s Revolution at Münchner Volkstehater.
The fifth collaboration with Philipp Arnold, which is also my longest and most cinematic work for theatre I have been writing/recording so far by using mainly signal generators and colorful noises set to frequencies based on intonational relationships processed through various resonator- and feedback chains.
Oh, and special thanks to Michi and Daniel the adorable sound technicians being super supportive by bringing positive energy to every day of final rehearsals! ❤️

Photos by Gabriela Neeb (@gabrielaneeb) courtesy of @volkstheater München

Director: Philipp Arnold, Costume and stage design: Belle Santos
Video: Sebastian Pircher, Playwright: Rose Reiter

Ensemble: Steffen Link; Lorenz Hochhuth; Elke Petri; Pascal Fligg;
Maral Keshavarz; Jakob Immervoll; Anton Nürnberg

January 21, 2023

I won’t be in town, but you can catch some electromagnetic fields, my awesome classmates of Klasse New Media and a lecture by Prof. Dr. Byung-Chul Han during the opening of our class’ exhibition PRESENT IM/POSSIBILITIES hosted at Designtransfer as part of this year’s Vorspiel (Transmediale / CTM Festival)
Starting on 31th of January at 18:00 followed by lectures and workshops until 10th of February 2023.

log_2023_01_12 (💅)
January 13, 2023

That was two years ago, but my experience as a student talking openly about not being able to participate as much as other students because I had the responsibility of a child at a time when most of us were still waiting for the first shot of COVID-19 vaccine, and asking for alternatives to handing in course evaluations, was met with the response that there was no time for that. I ended up not being accepted into a certain department of the university. I don’t want to point a finger at anyone – it was a difficult time for everyone – but since then I’ve been really quiet about sharing private priorities, obstacles and problems with people who are evaluating someone and making decisions about who to ‘let in’. This makes me sad, because there is a lot we can learn from each other’s experiences, and being confronted with this in the structures of an art university makes me wonder what you take away from such an environment.
Luckily, there are a loooooooot of other great people educating us in this place, but at times, when one would like to address some issues and difficulties, I am reminded of this.