December 13, 2021

It has been two years we premiered Eduard Louis‘ „Wer hat meinen Vater umgebracht“ at Münchener Volkstheater. Just a few weeks later Covid hit and it was not clear if this piece will ever staged happen again. Thanks to the support of Kontraopunkt Sound and the permission of Muenchner Volkstheater I am happy to announce the release of „Music for Theater“ which includes music of this performance.
A limited edition of 100 tapes is available via Kontrapunkt’s Bandcamp page.
For those without a tape machine there are good news too: „Wer hat meinen Vater umgebracht“ will be finally performed again at the new home Münchener Volkstheater from 18th of December on.

All songs written and produced by Adel Akram Alameddine for the play “Wer hat meinen Vater Umgebracht” (Qui a tué mon père) by Édouard Louis. The recordings were made in Munich in November and December 2019.

Premiere at Volkstheater München on 13 December 2019.
Directed by Philipp Arnold
Stage and costume design by Belle Santos
Ensemble: Jonathan Hutter, Anne Stein, Janek Maudrich
Playwright: Katja Friedrich

Courtesy of Volkstheater München

Artwork: Stefanie Wittrisch
Mastering: Markus Broy, DTL-Mastering
Manufactured at r.a.n.d. muzik

log_2021_05_28 (MacBeth)
May 29, 2021

On May 28th we finally could premier Philipp Arnolds’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, after it got postponed for obvious reasons.
Thanks to the marvelous Philipp who directed this show and asked me to score this production for Münchener Volkstheater. Costume design by Julia Dietrich; Stage design by Victor Reim; Ensemble: Jakob Immervoll, Anne Stein, Henriette Nagel, Jan Meeno Jürgens, Jonathan Müller, Max Poerting; Playwright: Rose Reiter

log_2021_01_17 (FUTURE VOICES)
January 17, 2021

Future Voices / Zukunftsmusik” is launching today. A project by S4NTP (THE SOCIETY F4R NONTRIVIAL PURSUITS) – the amazing class for Computational Art at UdK Berlin.
We are inviting everyone from all over the world to give a voice to what you expect, hope, or fear for the future. The contributions will then be used as raw materials to construct the composition which will be streaming 24/7 throughout this year.
Everyone is invited to take part in our project, it will stay online via our website until the end of 2021, as part of the Radio Lab Kontinuum call by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Transmediale Festival.
Help us decentralize the visions of the future!