log_2023_03_23 REVOLUTION
March 23, 2023

Tonight is the premiere of Viktor Martinowitsch’s Revolution at Münchner Volkstehater.
The fifth collaboration with Philipp Arnold, which is also my longest and most cinematic work for theatre I have been writing/recording so far by using mainly signal generators and colorful noises set to frequencies based on intonational relationships processed through various resonator- and feedback chains.
Oh, and special thanks to Michi and Daniel the adorable sound technicians being super supportive by bringing positive energy to every day of final rehearsals! ❤️

Photos by Gabriela Neeb (@gabrielaneeb) courtesy of @volkstheater München

Director: Philipp Arnold, Costume and stage design: Belle Santos
Video: Sebastian Pircher, Playwright: Rose Reiter

Ensemble: Steffen Link; Lorenz Hochhuth; Elke Petri; Pascal Fligg;
Maral Keshavarz; Jakob Immervoll; Anton Nürnberg