tide pool

360° online exhibition – curated by Elias Kautsky
Opening: June 11, 2020 | http://tidepool.se

about the exhibition

[…] For the exhibition Tide Pool, the smart phone has been put to work and been equipped with a device made out of cardboard and two lenses that enables stereoscopic viewing in 360-degree spaces. These spaces are the works of five artists created for the exhibition. When entering the exhibition, with your headphones on, sound and vision from the immediate surroundings are cut off.


The virtual space and sound environment Tide Pool (four parts, 3’03 min in total) is created by Adel Akram Alameddine for the exhibition. Here, in a weightless state, we are set in motion, hovering through the cloudscape, accompanied by a disembodied voice which leads us to the first space within Tide Pool. Arriving at I am without beginning to be. (6’50 min) by Jacob Broms Engblom, we find ourselves surrounded by black obelisks that take turns speaking to the visitor. The instructions coming from the obelisks are in a way soothing and friendly, and at the same time they seem to bury a threat. What are their intentions, or do they not have any at all? The binaural beats in the background enter our minds by letting us hear two different tones in each ear, resulting in an auditory illusion of a third tone, which by some is claimed to affect our brainwaves. Suddenly a day and night has passed, and after a short flight we wake up in a dripping grotto: It Flows (5’30 min) by Anna Nordström. So far, you might think that you exist without a body. Even more so when you realise that you do not have a hand that can touch the quilted surface sweeping by in front of your eyes. The liquids, puddles and words on view are both intimate and distant, continuously twisting between representation and materiality. They remind us that “it is impossible to step twice in the same river.” Back in Tide Pool we are now approaching the final space, The Plunge (3’00 min), a collaboration between Valentine Isæus-Berlin and Karolina Brobäck. The question of inhabiting a body or not, is put to the test when the mirror on the wall turns out to not reflect the visitor’s figure. The space does not comply with the rules of the ordinary world, but rather resembles the space of a mind. A mind built on two sides of a very thin surface that manages to withhold the pressure or pull approaching from each side. […]

Taken from the program


List of works in the order of appearance:
Adel Akram Alameddine • Tide Pool • four parts, 3’03 min in total
Jacob Broms Engblom • I am without beginning to be. • 6’50 min
Anna Nordström • It flows • 4’40 min
Valentine Isæus-Berlin & Karolina Brobäck • The Plunge • 3’00 min


tide pool on the website of Stockholm’s University
Department of Culture and Aesthetics

tide pool on the website of the University of Arts Berlin