Time And Place

Released as 12″ and digital on When Are We Now – August 10th, 2018
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About the release

With a background in shaping landscapes and creating permacultural environments, Adel became a multidimensional and interdisciplinary artist creating visuals whilst exploring waveforms and rooms. As well as providing visuals for Herrensauna and AnnaMelina’s and Varg’s Flora project at atonalFestival, his music appears in the upcoming movie M/M by DrewLint. By launching ‘When Are We Now?’ Adel Akram takes the idea of a label as an archive to document his surrounding and the process of examination with different media, arts and questions about our current position in time. The first release excerpts entries from his personal audio log, recorded during the last two years and reveals his keen but dreamy and vibrant access to sound.


A1: Midnight Zone 07:34
A2: While She Sleeps (Dedicated To Ana) 05:56
B1: I’m Only Visiting Here 07:35
B2: His Beautiful Lips 06:10
B3: Ananuri Lake 1:31


Written By, Producer – Adel Akram Alameddine
Artwork – Adel Akram Alameddine
Mastered By – Helmut Erler
Manufactured By – R.A.N.D. Muzik
Distributed By – Ready Made Distribution


200 copies were made.

Played by

Mama Snake – Groove Podcast 182
Steffen Bennemann (Nachtdigital Flex)


ヒプノティックなテクノ・チューン!ZCKRレーベルでも作品を発表するAdel Akramが、新たなるレーベルWhen Are We Now?をスタートしてファースト・シングルをドロップ!ソリッドなエレクトロニック・サウンドを軸にアーティスティックで幻想的な音空間を作り上げたディープ・テクノ・トラックス!アンビエントな曲も挟んでトータルな流れを引っ張っていく力作シングル!をプロデュース!今後のリリースも期待大の最新レーベルです! http://www.technique.co.jp

[…] Flamboyant chords and larger than life strings are lifting up “I’m Only Visiting Here” to a Detroit techno look-alike that reminds of smoothness from Marcello Napoletano or Giorgio Luceri. It’s a (fr)agile favourite we can only ask for staying a bit longer. Abrupt change happens in crunchy “His Beautiful Lips”, sounding like a big beat collision of U2’s “Numb” and Moby’s “Go”. And if you haven’t heard about Ananuri Lake, the ambient ending will certainly spark the interest.[…] Terminal 313