Music for Theater

Released as Cassette on Kontrapunkt – December 13th, 2021
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About the release

I first met Adel when we were working at Nachtdigital festival and helped to prepare everything for a beautiful weekend. I do not remember exactly what we were talking about but at one point or another it came to vinyl and tape manufacturing and music producing. We met on the bungalow village every year and I have been starting to follow Adel’s musical output since then because I really love what he does and how he sees the world. Various songs were already on the list of getting released. After the premiere of the play „Who Killed My Father“ for which he composed the soundtrack, he sent it to me to have me listening to it. What more to say. I loved it and soon we realized that we have to release it. Now we are here with a happy smile on our faces and bring you Adel Akram’s Music For Theater. Have a great time listening to it.” – Moritz


A1: Bienvenue En Picardie
A2: Retour En Arrière 01
A3: Maman
A4: Retour En Arrière 03 (Part 01)
A5: Fabrique
A6:Anniversaire 1999

B1: Anniversaire 1999
B2: Retour En Arrière 02
B3: Le Monologue
B4: Retour En Arrière 03 (Part 02)
B5: Paroles De Mort
B6: Déconstruction
B7: Reconstruction


All songs written and produced by Adel Akram Alameddine for the play “Wer hat meinen Vater Umgebracht” (Qui a tué mon père) by Édouard Louis. The recordings were made in Munich in November and December 2019.

Premiere at Volkstheater München on 13 December 2019.
Directed by Philipp Arnold
Stage and costume design by Belle Santos
Ensemble: Jonathan Hutter, Anne Stein, Jakob Geßner
Playwright: Katja Friedrich

Courtesy of Volkstheaters München

Artwork: Stefanie Wittrisch
Mastering: Markus Broy, DTL-Mastering
Manufactured at r.a.n.d. muzik