Grafisches Portfolio (2020-2021)

My approach using systems based on neural networks, feedback and noise to create a stream of visual output.

Neural Networks (Wise 2020/2021)
Evolving Neural Network

Machine Confusion was a seminar by George Bagdasarov which guided me into the debts of Neural Network, introduced me to Python and changed my whole perspective on Artificial Intelligence. During the seminar we learned how to visualize Neural Networks, as well as to to use examine existing models to manipulate the output of neural networks by feeding them with own images and audio.

Dogs In Space (Styletransfer)

Neural Network Visualisation
The Sound Of Neural Networks

Re:Post (SoSe 2020)

Every week, one of our class members posted a quote we where supposed to respond to visually. This is a selection of frames I created by using video feedback to create an endless stream of visuals, based on grabbed content I grabbed from youTube.

Re:Post Selection