Matters of Thinking

#1 Research Question(s) :

Is it possible to translate new-materialistic perspectives into acoustical phenomenological experiences of sound art?

I will just start with this. Let’s see where it goes…

#1.1 Question towards myself: What exactly is a new-materialistic perspecive?

#1.2 What is the difference between sound art and the multimedial toolkit of a new-media designer?

2022_06_29 // Reflection 02 // Question from Luiz

Why is it important for me to make one aware and to be able to listen to those tiny details?

2022_06_29 // Hallraum TU Berlin / Reflexionsarmer Raum
2022_06_01 // Reflection XX

Even if those experiments where more about to recreate basic acoustic and physical concepts, they revealed more than expected results. The wire becoming hot and causing a refractive effect was something I did not read about in advance and it needs further exploration. While the sounding wire is an spatial experience, the visual experice of warm rising air is pointed to a certrain position of the space – towards the wire. While I am still orienting myself towards a phenomenological experience of sound in space, I am wondering if I can relate the heat wire to the topic of horizons and if light/color will change its perception according to the wires temperature. How will our view and horizon change in the following years, while I am still dreaming of having a space full of powerful guitar amps, with metal rods driven by electromagnetic fields, playing sounds according to the postion of people inside the space? I will leave this open for now, but I am slowly getting there.

Additional question: How to deal with the topic and awareness of global warming by using technology, causing additional heat without being cynical or ignorant? e.g. PINAR YOLDAS: GLOBAL WARMING YOGA STUDIO
2022_05_28 // Experiment 00
Need a Resonance body to pickup sound
Wind, movement, heat, alternate pitch (Ventilator)
Vibration creates tremolo like sound.
Square Wave is really harsh.
The higher the volume, the more loose/hotter the wire gets.
At one pint the amp turns off
Two Wires for one stereo channel
How does the sound feed back onto the wire?
What happens when I put water on it?
Can this run for a long time without catching fire?
How do two wires interact with each other? (Phasing on close frequency)
Does the magnet position matter?
Can this installation be outside somewhere? (Wind composition)
-> Resonance Frequency of the space? Room Nodes.

The lack of proper recording equipment made it not possible to share the acoustic experience remotly. This is a technical thing, but I really need to care more about this if I want to get helpful feedback.