log_2024_03_29 // I Am All Ears #3
March 29, 2024

For Oscar Wilde’s play Bunbury – The Importance of Being Earnest, I was commissioned not only to take care of the electroacoustic composition around the play, but also to do a bit of music supervision by selecting and exploring the theme of Glam Rock. A genre that was popular in the United Kingdom in the 1970s. David Bowie’s musical output and visual aesthetics are probably the most famous offspring of that time. But it was also in the context of glam rock that social norms were challenged and the boundaries of gender and sexuality were questioned. It was a challenging and exciting journey into a genre that I had attributed to being the soundtrack of my mother’s youth, but never really appreciated.
Still, I had to stretch the traditional definition of glam rock a bit to include a list of exciting and important artists like Jobriath, Fanny, Suzie Quatro, New York Dolls, and Klaus Nomi.

Enjoy the ride and listen to it as you dress up for a night out!