log_2022_04_29 (Le Misanthrope)
April 29, 2022

Today is the premiere of Philipp Arnold’s interpretation of Molière’s ‘Le Misanthrope’ at Münchner Volkstheater. Inspired by Éliane Radigue’s approach of composing music with slow modulation and gradual changes I mainly used signal generators and filters with high feedback settings for creating the soundscape of this show. Once again – thank you Philipp, for putting trust into my sonic experiments and approaches of sound becoming part of the play.

Director: Philipp Arnold; Costume design by Julia Dietrich
Stage design by Viktor Reim; Playwright: Katja Friedrich

Ensemble: Anne Stein Carolin Hartmann; Janek Maudrich;
Jan Meeno Jürgens; Jakob Immervoll; Jonathan Müller;
Pola Jane O’Mara; Vincent Sauer

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