log_2020_11_10 (Acoustic Surfaces)
October 11, 2020

While we orientate ourselves by visual codes, systems and surfaces, the relevance of aural perception is mostly subordinated to visual perception. I wanted to know more about the complex coherences between sounds, spatial arrangements and material surfaces towards the perceiving body. What is an acoustic surface and what are its compounds? By expanding the practices of Acoustic Ecology (R. Murray Schafer) with the metaphysical and materialistic orientations of Sonic Flux (Christoph Cox) I tried to get access to this abstract layer of perception. Relating it to Sound System Culture and the the rise of the Techno movement in Berlin throughout the 1990s I applied two really strong, examples which could help to understand the relevance of a acoustic surface in shaping and creating spaces. If you are interested and can I can send you the paper – it is written in German.


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