log_2020_10_26 (back to metaverse!)
October 26, 2020


Before we are going to start into another digital semester hosted by the usual web conference services I was happy to participate in Pete Jiadong Qiang’s Maximalism HyperBody Exchange workshop which took place in a more unusual environment. A virtual space, filled with virtual objects and videos that gave me also an insight into Pete’s work.
Besides this I was impressed about the possibilities of Mozilla Hubs, which seems to be a much more interactive way of sharing videos and information than the usual BigBlueButton interface…


log_2020_11_10 (Acoustic Surfaces)
October 11, 2020

While we orientate ourselves by visual codes, systems and surfaces, the relevance of aural perception is mostly subordinated to visual perception. I wanted to know more about the complex coherences between sounds, spatial arrangements and material surfaces towards the perceiving body. What is an acoustic surface and what are its compounds? By expanding the practices of Acoustic Ecology (R. Murray Schafer) with the metaphysical and materialistic orientations of Sonic Flux (Christoph Cox) I tried to get access to this abstract layer of perception. Relating it to Sound System Culture and the the rise of the Techno movement in Berlin throughout the 1990s I applied two examples which could help to understand the relevance of a acoustic surface in shaping and creating spaces. If you are interested and can I can send you the paper – it is written in German.


July 3, 2020

For an assignment I rediscovered my old video collage technique, originally developed in 2016 for visuals on CRT screens above the dancefloor on Berlin’s infamous Herrensauna.
Some frames of the final output:

log_2020_06_25 (Processing)
June 25, 2020


I learned more about programming during the last few weeks than in two semesters of computer engineering!

April 23, 2020

Databended Jitsi Screenshot

log_2020_04_16 (Kontrapunkt05)
April 16, 2020

It has been a while already this record is floating around out there, but since I am back in Berlin I could finally put my hands on the final product. Thanks to Moritz and the whole Kontrapunkt Crew for releasing my Last Interstellar Transmission in good company next to music by Carmel, Doc Sleep, Humanoid, All True and Hedon The Cat ✨


April 8, 2020

I am on Stockholm since a while, spending those times of uncertainty in good company, playing Backgammon, as well as going through my files, which eventually end up turning into this website. Since I started to explore the World Wide Web with my 56k modem I liked the idea of having a website to share information, collecting notes and keep your friends updated. For this purpose I built a pretty simple, but responsive WordPress theme that looks like my old drumcomputer. So let me know if there is anything going wrong.
Furthermore, since all the theaters are closed these days – I put together some recordings I made during a production last year which will be available as a Tape soon.